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    You are contacted by a mysterious stranger who claims that he's an inventor from another world. Suddenly his life changes and he finds himself involved in the continuous round of events, from which he can't escape without your help. From this moment his life depends on decisions you'll make together.

    What’s awaiting him in the future? Will he be able to pass through all the challenges and survive? Everything depends only on you!

    The imminent catastrophe is coming. Find out where the menace is coming from and try to eliminate it. Remember! Time works against you in the world of interactive fiction “Outcast's Journey”!

    Each phrase you choose is very important, each decision will impact on the story. Text games have never been so exciting!

    Soon the main character'll have to engage in battle with the enemy and lead the people behind him. Are you ready to fight with him?

    - Modern interactive fiction with strategy elements. Be a part of this story!
    - Atmospheric soundtrack
    - Nonlinear narrative and various endings: each taken decision causes consequences

    * The game doesn’t require permanent Internet connection.
Outcast's Journey - Interactive Fiction game for Android Screenshots:

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