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    ave the world from the waves of nightmares invading our dreams! Nightmare Guardians combines intense real-time action with the tactical decision-making of tower defense games to create an all-new adventure for your tablet. Choose your hero and rid our dreams of nightmares!
    - ICONIC HEROES: Choose from a diverse collection of iconic heroes drawn from our dreams, including a samurai who can dash and slice through evil, a superhero who can soar through the air and crush enemies from above, and more!
    - MONSTROUS ENEMIES: Encounter monstrous creatures spawned from your darkest nightmares, including brain-hungry zombies, feral werewolves, menacing skeletons, and much more!
    - TONS OF LOOT: Collect and upgrade special Powers to beat back the forces of darkness.
Nightmare Guardians for iPhone/iPad Screenshots:

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