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  • Release time: 2011-09-18
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            Perfect for sleeping and napping, while travelling or at home, school or work

            - perfect for power naps, travel, sleep timer

            - silent alarm for work/school

            - app can detect when you sleep so you can fine-tune the length of sleep you want to get

            - 12 included sounds: white noise, heartbeat, beach,..

            - use your own mp3s, playlists, ringtones

            - creates playlists on the fly for your favorite artist or genre

            - 3 phases: relax, sleep, wake up

            - customizable backgrounds

            You can easily program your own individual sleep program. Each program has up to three phases, relaxing, sleeping, and waking up. For each phase you can set your own music or use the built-in sounds, set fade-in/fade-out, duration, etc.

            The app can detect when you start sleeping through motion detection so you can nap for exactly 10 min even though you don't know how long it will take you to fall asleep.

            Use the relax phase to listen to an audio book. The app will continue the time it runs where it left off.

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