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  • Release time: 2012-02-10
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            Become a dancing star with iDancing, a unique rhythm game that tests your musical timing and coordination!


            Featuring a variety of popular songs to choose from, and a background full of stunning 3D graphics and visual effects, the object of the game is to make your dancing avatar dance to the beat by tapping multiple drumheads as a stream of musical note balls fall on them. Try to time it just right so you hit the drumhead exactly as a ball collides with it. The balls are synchronized with the music tempo and your avatar will dance to the beat if you hit the drumheads accurately.


            Choose from our cool 3D dancing avatars or take to the dance floor yourself by customizing the avatar. Follow the in-game instructions to send us photos and we can create a unique, life-like, 3D dancing avatar modeled on you! You can download it to the game and before long, you'll see yourself throwing down moves on the dance floor!


            Select one of 3 modes - Easy mode, Normal mode or give your fingers a real workout in Hard mode.


            Feel the beat, get into the rhythm, enjoy the tunes, and with proper timing, show off your dance skills!

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