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    From the makers of The Curse comes an all-new adventure!
    The Voyage is a swashbuckling pirate experience featuring 100 fiendish puzzles and a race to defeat a mischievous new adversary: Captain Bodnar Bucklebeard.

    Will you unravel the mysteries of The Voyage’s cryptic puzzle book? Will you beat Bucklebeard in a race to decipher the secret treasure map? Will you discover the whereabouts of Velvet Marley’s hidden riches?

    The Voyage has begun!

    - 100 pages to solve, 6 difficulty levels and 29 unique puzzles.
    - Puzzle categories for all difficulty levels and ages: logic, perception, timing, arithmetic and more.
    - Fully-voiced cut-scenes featuring your comical adversary Captain Bucklebeard.
    - Interactive events: from preparing pirate snacks to crafty lock-picking.
    - Collect map pieces and decipher clues as you aim to solve the mysteries of Velvet Marley’s lost fortune.
The Voyage for Android Screenshots:

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