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    Take on the role of Max, a barbarian berserker on a quest for total destruction and massive loot. Draw axe paths outward from Max to slay foul beasts, collect ridiculous treasure drops, and score crazy point totals. Compete with friends to rule the leaderboards!
    ***** "This game is freaking nuts!"
    ***** "The action doesn't end. Combos string to other gets crazy."
    ***** "SO ADDICTIVE."
    Max Axe blends 100% pure arcade frenzy with humor, crazy combos, and absolutely bonkers high-speed action like nothing you've ever seen before. Try it today!!
    -= FEATURES =-
    • ‘Draw with your finger' axe control!
    • Fast paced action!
    • Totally destructible environment!
    • Mega combos - hit as many items as possible in a single throw & earn powerful drops!
    • Beat your friends' scores & see them appear as in-game ghosts....then axe them!
    • Tons of gear to unlock!
    • Cartoony visuals!
    • Hilarious SFX & Original chiptune score!

    Naked Sky Entertainment is a boutique, independent development studio based in Los Angeles. We appreciate your support of our debut mobile title! Spread the word so we can bring you more gear, loot, monsters, and crazy new features. All for FREE!
    Go MAX AXE!!
Max Axe for iPhone/iPad Screenshots:

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