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    Muscle Run - is a sensational fusion of blood-thrilling endless races, 100% realistic feeling of driving and the unlimited number of exciting tracks!
    Each time before you there is a unique track with its unforgettable sensations and dangers. Participate in competitions and free rides on your beauty car, earn money to build a garage full of beautiful muscle cars and upgrade them to real beasts. This game will give you a good shot of adrenaline and satisfaction of speed.
    Try the real novelty of the season and become the champion!
    This has not happened yet in any race - every time you start the race in free ride or quest mode, a new track is simulated with unpredictable traffic and filling - believe that you'll never know what lies behind the next turn. The faster you go, the faster should be the reaction. Each race is an adrenaline injection and a test of strength!

    Muscle Run squeezes all the juice out of your gadget. The game was created specifically to showcase the best capabilities of mobile devices and tablets. All possible achievements of the gaming industry in graphics are optimized for these platforms to deliver maximum enjoyment from the game.
    + Stunning detalization of tracks and cars
    + Patches of light on surfaces
    + The effect of blurring images at high speed
    + Full-screen effects
    + HD Textures

    Feel the power and flexibility of your muscular kid, thanks to the most realistic driving physics. Feel the reality of the crashes, springboards, track profiles in the fight for the first place!

    The game will not let you get bored. Choose your mode depending on your mood - Freeride or Story. Do you aspire to leadership? Complete the story quest to discover new and even more exciting competitions that you will want to go through again and again, perfecting your skills. Want to warm up? Freeride is designed specifically for mischievous walks.

    Gorgeous muscle cars of the twentieth century inspired us to create our own stable of 6 powerful, but not similar to each other by their temper and maneuverability. Try each one and choose yours.

    At least 45 improvements for each car are available in the garage. Changing specifications, experiencing a new style of driving which is even more audacious. Set up appearance to your liking - add personality. And wait for the next game updates!

    Be the best among other Muscle Run players competing for the title of the strongest racer in the world using online leaderboards in Game Center. Share your achievements and results with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

    + Every time a new track is generated
    + The actual physics of the vehicles
    + Great graphics
    + Full support for the Retina Display
    + A lot of bonuses on the track
    + Sophisticated and exciting quests
    + Various control schemes
    + Customizable assistance in driving a car
    + 6 unique cars, inspired by the most powerful muscle cars of the twentieth century.
    + 45 improvements for each car
    + The set of visual changes for vehicles, including body painting, different kinds of tinting, exhaust pipes, wheels
    + Detailed player statistics
    + More than 70 achievements in Game Center
    + The original soundtrack
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