• Minecraft Explorer Pro HD for iPad
  • About 0 Downloads
  • Version: 3.0
  • Size: 30.2 MB
  • Required: iOS 4.3 or later
  • Release time: 2013-05-02
  • Dev. Page: 57Digital Ltd

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    Officially supported by Mojang! Over 5 million downloads and counting!
    ✔ Now supports Desktop, Pocket and Xbox 360 Editions! ✔
    Minecraft Explorer Pro HD is the ultimate companion for any Minecraft player. It's specifically designed for viewing on the iPad.
    This application allows you to:
    • Find out about Minecraft for the Desktop, Pocket and Xbox 360 Editions
    • Search for items and potions by name
    • Look up hundreds of item recipes with detailed information and videos, now includes potions!
    • Enchantment Guide (now included free!)
    • Seed Guide (find your favorite seed!)
    • Explore thousands of online servers - all checked daily to ensure offline servers are not displayed
    • Add your own server to the app for millions of people to see! (optional extra)
    • Design your own Minecraft skins* (optional extra), upload to Minecraft or share with the world (see "Tools" tab)
    • Browse Minecraft skins*, upload to Minecraft or download and modify! We have over 300,000 skins to choose from!
    • Rate servers to influence their ranking in the app
    • Share servers with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, SMS or by email
    • View Mob information by name and category
    • Item ID's in an easy to read list
    • Favourite items, mobs, enchantments and server listings
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