• Solarian Tactics for iPhone
  • About 0 Downloads
  • Version: 1.03
  • Size: 80.5 MB
  • Required: iOS 5.0 or later
  • Release time: 2013-04-13
  • Dev. Page: Haiku Games

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    Combine the best of turn-based tactical role playing games with the touch interface! Engage in short yet strategic battles, add unique new characters to your team, unlock impressive new attacks, and enjoy a gripping story!
    A team of elite soldiers have just graduated from the Solarian Academy when they find themselves on a backwater planet that turns into the center of a plot that spans the known galaxy! Can you help them discover the truth?
    ● Unlock 5 distinct characters, each with their own personalities and abilities
    ● Upgrade your team with 40+ Augments that pushes them to amazing new heights
    ● Fight against bosses with never-before-seen abilities
    ● Use intuitive touch controls that feel right - this game is made for the iPhone !
    ● Follow a storyline that spans multiple planets, new technologies, and dark secrets
    ● Enjoy beautiful graphics built tailored for the retina display
    Meet five unique characters:
    ✓ Cici, a party girl turned weapons expert!
    ✓ Wen, a sarcastic specialist with an arm that morphs into a giant blade!
    ✓ Lester, a heroic knight with a troubled past!
    ✓ Koroko, a mysterious child!
    ✓ And a mystery man, you can discover only if you play the game!

    Execute the deep strategies that you love about turn-based strategy games!
    ◆ Use the tank-like Lester to cover Cici from attacks!
    ◆ Chain together multiple attacks with Wen’s combination attack!
    ◆ Knock enemies back or drag them to you!
    ◆ Stun and cripple enemies!
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