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    There’s a legend that the God of Creation who lived in the sacred absolute terror field created PoleyKania continent at the beginning of Chaos.As its dark side,God of Chaos(Diablo) divided the continent into two and splited the sacred fairyland(the sacred absolute terror field) into lofty haven and cursed hell.They were as incompatible as fire and water and in opposition to each other. For thousands of years, the continent has always maintaining a dynamic balance.
    For the sake of breaking the balance,God of Chaos by virtue of his dark power successfully unbarred the connection route between the real world and chaos.In order to block the route and seal God of Chaos,God of Creation divided himself into seven immortal sons who were legendarily called “Seven Virtue Prophets” .Absorbing superhuman strength of God of Creation,the seven prophets respectively casted seven divine swords and integrate them into one creation divine sword,totally sealing God of Chaos at one stroke and cutting off the route.However,seven divine swords fell into secular world,placing in seven locations in the continent separately.The seven prophets built the holy cities where the divine swords located and embodied soul of the divine swords, boarding in the swords to guard the continent.
    Several years have passed,human beings gradually dominated the continent.From slash-and-burn cultivation to the first country established in the continent,another several millennia have passed,human have been maintaining worship to God of Creation and seven prophets with a peaceful life.However,one day the holy land suddenly collapsed for unknown reasons.The swords instantaneously broke into fragments.Then evil forces gradually began to erode the continent with terrible wars raging.Another 200 years later,the most powerful country in the continent was established in the war—Remilia Dukedom,where gathered the most powerful Slayers, Spellswords and Hermetists in the continent.The duchy also had the most influential church—Temple Mount Congregation,whose Lord God was God of Creation.Since its founding,the duchy had always kept a tradition that every 100 years the king being a leader and the ceremony presided over by the pope in one of the domestic sacred zones—The Truth City,to hold sacrifice ceremony.
    When holding the 100 sacrifice ceremony,both the king and the pope were not there,even Remilia royal household troops who taking charge of guard duty and soldiers of Remilia knight templar disappeared.A country cannot exist without a leader.The king’s only children—Princess Rosalind was proposed as the temporary king. In this emergency situation, the princess commanded several elite knights of Rosalind Princess knightage to seek her father without being communicated.
    Rumors arose domestically,some sycophantic courtiers and crooked ministers also began to stir.With these people’s rumors,both generals of household troops and national defence forces dared not to send troops to that place.Rosalind Princess knightage also was ordered they shall not take reckless actions in order to wait for dispatching.At this critical moment,Miranda who was honored as one of the most powerful knights of Rosalind Princess knightage in the continent stood out bravely and left for the holy land—The Truth City by herself.

    Characters and scenes are made by Unreal© engine technology

    Readily fighting process

    Straightforward screen control

    Kawaii plus Western violence shape a contrast beauty

    Abundant combat modes

    Elements of exploration
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