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    App Locker II protect your private apps artfully! ★ What's the best app protector?
    Strong password? Of course NOT. The best proector would let prier not be aware of any protection. App Locker II is one such protector to protect your private apps.

    ★ How it works?
    When launching a protected app, it will throw a fake crash error which may mislead guest user into thinking that your app has a glitch or something. So it can stop guest from using your protected app in a natural manner.

    For owner, it provides several secret unlock methods to unlock it without a trace. Of course, it also provides a password protection with a secret input method.

    ★ Online Guide

    ★ NOTE
    New user please buy the following advanced versions:

    ✔ App Lock II Widget Pro: it is a widget version of App Locker II. There are almost all same except the widget version will not show app icon on the launcher screen which make it even more secret.

    ✔ Invisible Protector Pro: it is a dialer launch version, it even won't show icon in Widget menu and need dial '#999' to launch it.

    ✔ Please uninstall the trail version before install the pro version.

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