• ProCamera HD for iPad
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  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 8.6 MB
  • Required: iOS 5.0 or later
  • Release time: 2012-09-14
  • Dev. Page: Cocologics

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    ProCamera HD lets you get the most out of your iPad camera! For photos and videos!
    ProCamera (for iPhone) is the most professional full-featured camera app. It has gotten numerous awards and is loved by over a million users. ProCamera HD (for iPad) inherited ProCamera’s professional capabilities and ease of use but added several new and unique features.
    The iPad is an essential travel companion, especially when it comes to taking videos and photos. With the built-in iPad 5-megapixel camera you can take high-resolution photos and 1080p HD video (720p HD video on iPad 2). The new ProCamera HD app takes pictures and videos better and faster, and helps you get more out of your images with the expert mode and other tools! The SnapTrigger is perfectly adapted to the iPad: You decide where the control bar is located on the screen; this allows you to take photos and videos your way. The new internal library Lightbox allows you to delete, share, and export multiple photos and videos easily.
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ main features (camera & video):
    ★ SnapTrigger (patent pending): Movable control bar to fit your style
    ★ Lightbox: Internal library, allows easy deleting, sharing, and exporting of multiple photos and videos
    ★ VideoSnapshots: Take photos WHILE recording a video or in video mode
    ★ Expert Mode 2.0 (patent pending): Enables precise control of exposure, focus and white balance. The new expert mode also enables locking and unlocking focus and/or exposure manually and independently.
    ★ Videozoom: Video recording with high-quality 6x zoom
    ★ Full control over focus adjustment while recording video (either manually in expert mode or automatically with continuous focus mode ON or OFF).
    ★ RapidFire mode and Sport mode: Both combined enables ultra-fast continuous burst shots
    ★ Anti-shake image stabilizer
    ★ Advanced geotagging (full EXIF data with compass direction)
    ★ Self-timer and smart trigger (details on our website)
    ★ Other highlights: QuickFlick Album, Datestamp, virtual horizon, alignment grids, maps view, detailed EXIF data display and many others
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