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            Please be sure to read "how to play" thoroughly before a first play.


            Mode introduction

            1. Instruction mode

            It is the Chute real mode by Taka Kato. 

            Navigation with Taka Kato's sound can be heard.

            First of all, please study what acupressure is by Instruction mode.

            After this mode raises skill, it recommends playing practice mode.

            2. Practice mode

            It is the mode which actually massages.

            This time visitor is Yui Aikawa.

            Please relieve her tiredness by your massage.

            There are two kinds such as Easy and Hard mode.

            In both the modes, your rank is authorized in five steps. 

            Please purify yourself in order to acquire the both mode highest rank.

            Please relieve her tiredness by your acupressure massage.



            1. Please be sure to cancel the screen rotation lock of a terminal. 

            It cannot start in the state where a screen rotation lock is not canceled.

            2. Please cancel a silent mode or wear an earphone. 

            Unless it is a veteran, the play in non-sound is reckless.

            3. Please place a finger in the state of screen facing up in the case of a start, and do not lift a finger as it is, but turn a terminal over.

            It cannot start, even if it turns over, where a finger is lifted.


GOLD FINGER!! Screenshots:

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