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  • Release time: 2012-04-30
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            Guns, missiles, base assaults, battle cruisers and more.

            *** Space Squadron is for strategy fans and requires patience and tactics. It is strongly recommended that you first try the demo, to ensure Space Squadron is for you. Those expecting an arcade game or easy shooter should look elsewhere. ***

            Space Squadron is a turn-based strategy game in which you command an elite squadron of fighters. Carefully consider your attack plan, plot your moves, time the firing of your weapons, then end the turn and watch events unfold in real-time. Tacticians succeed where reckless commanders fail.


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            - Strategic turn-based gameplay.

            - 7 friendly ship classes from turrets to heavy assault ships, and 11 enemy classes, including the dreaded battle cruiser.

            - Use cannons, rockets and homing missiles.

            - 10 level campaign with increasing difficulty and mission duration. Hours of game play.

            - Several mission types, including convoy assault/escort, base assault/defence and large skirmishes.

            - '1 life' game model. Don't let your commander die! If things look bad, eject to safety and retry the mission, or risk the entire campaign by staying in the cockpit and dicing with death.

            - Earn medals and promotions.

            - Start the campaign from any unlocked mission.

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