• Zombie Crush
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  • Version: 1.3
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  • Release time: 2012-04-05
  • Dev. Page: admin

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            Drive your custom Zombie Crushing Tank around Crushing all things in your way!

            Zombie Crushing Madness! Drive your awesome custom Zombie Crushing Tank around Smashing and Crushing all things in your way! (Watch out for the Trains). Your Tank comes equipped with two sets of controls, A basic setup that features easy to use steering and throttle for beginners, and an expert layout that really has the feel and maneuverability of a Tank! In either mode you can swing your custom "Turret Axe" around left or right with independent turret buttons. Crushing with the "Turret Axe" both keeps Zombies back from your Tank, and also earns you even more Cash! Beware there are many different types of Zombies each with their own unique abilities! For example the "Crawlers" will go right under your "Turret Axe", but they are very slow. As you play you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of each Zombie type! Zombie Crush also has 40 achievements to go after, as well as the ability to score more points by delivering "Super Crush Combos"! Round them up, and Crush them!!!

            Instructions: Crush the Zombies with your custom modified Tank's "Turret Axe", or Crush them with the Tank's front and rear "Tank Spikes", but don't let them hit the side of the Tank. That will cause damage to your Tank, and eventually it will get destroyed. Crushing Zombies earns you Cash, as long as you Exit the level before your Tank is destroyed. You can then use all your hard earned Cash to upgrade your Tank in the Garage!

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