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    File Expert (file manager / file explorer) can fully access and manage files on various locations (like flash memory / SD card /external SD card / Cloud storage / OTG). You can explore files in classical tree hierarchy or by its categories or via last modified date with fast search enabled. File Expert (file manager / file explorer) supports all file operations in extremely easy, safe, fast, stable, modern, customized and informative ways.

    File Expert (file manager / file explorer) is shipped with many advanced features which you cannot find in a traditional file explorer. Just give it a try and it will become your daily file manager / file explorer.

    - copy, move, delete, rename file and folder
    - select / unselect batch of files
    - select single file by long tap
    - select range: tap on any other targets after single select
    - manage files on your device's memory, micro SD card, LAN, and cloud storage accounts
    - show app icon on associated folder
    - display count of files and size of each folder
    - property page for file and folder
    - Recycle Bin, recover deleted file
    - File Shred, shred file to delete permanently and can’t recover
    - fast search, result will show immediately
    - LAN access: ftp, sftp, ftps, SMB and public cloud storage include Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Yandex...
    - built-in ftp server, access and manage Android file on PC, transfer file between Android and PC
    - GCloud: Gives you 10T online storage at maximum, subscriptions required
    - access GCloud file on PC browser
    - thumbnails for image, video, APKs, Music and GCloud files
    - compress and decompress, supports zip, rar, 7z, tar...
    - multiple tabs, swipe between tabs to manage file across different folders
    - tag file with different color and name
    - bluetooth file transfer / file sharing
    - Safebox to keep your private file safe
    - App Lock, set unlock pattern to start File Expert (file manager / file explorer)
    - convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint to PDF
    - wireless print (image, PDF, TXT and HTML).
    - multi-thread and resumable downloader supports offline download to GCloud very fast and safe
    - built-in TXT editor
    - light and dark themes
    - app manager enable list, install, uninstall and backup app
    - backup, backup file to local and cloud
    - auto backup APK while app install or uninstall
    - based on material design and modern concepts
    - animation on file operations and activity changes
    - fast responded feedback service
    - localize in 20 languages, more are coming
File Expert - File Manager Pro unlocked for Android Screenshots:

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