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  • Release time: 2012-04-13
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            A new, beautifully rendered action RPG from the makers of the highly acclaimed “Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia”. This cutely styled and wonderfully crafted RPG gives you the chance to utilize the powers of different creatures in your fight against a monstrous, re-awaking force of evil...


            Soul Tamer KiKi is in a league of it's own in action RPGs for iOS! 


            Being cute doesn’t mean you can’t be powerful! There’s a new adventurer in town and she’s one tough cookie! Help cute, kick-ass KiKi find her missing parents, defeat the Demon King, and become the Hero she’s always wanted to be.


            Peace has reigned for fourteen years, since the defeat of the Demon King. Young KiKi’s parents, legendary Heroes, faced the Demon King and never returned. How long will the peace last? Creatures are returning to terrorise the peaceful locals, and rumors abound of an ancient evil emerging in a distant land. 

            This RPG gives you the chance to use the powers of 12 different creatures in your battles, as well as featuring a hoard of weapons, vehicles, potions, characters, equipment, and side quests. This plus: 




            Battling, Skills and Powers 


            # Strange, wonderful and fearsome creatures and monsters to battle. 

            # Acquire and tame the souls of in-game creatures and use their powers! Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Wolf, Pig! 

            # Take care of your tamed souls or they might leave you! Maintain good soul relations! 

            # Passive and active skills to build! Choose how to allocate the skill points you earn. 

            # Your character’s appearance and clothes change when you equip different items and skill sets. 


            Gathering Loot 


            # Take what you find in the field, keep it, crush it, upgrade it, sell it, trade it! 

            # Down on the farm, personal ranches allow you to breed animals, mine ore, gather herbs, raise animals and collect trees!! All useful in helping you build and upgrade and trade. 

            # Hire assistants to help you collect natural items, so you can focus more in the game. 

            # Trade items you find or fabricate with other KiKi players with our in-game, online trading player2player trading system. 


            Fabricating and Upgrading Items 


            # Create, strengthen and customize your own weapons, tool, traps and bombs! 

            # Make terrible traps and thundering booby-trap bombs and mines to aid your battles! 

            # Fabricate newer and more powerful weapons and equipment! 

            # Crush unwanted items and use the powder to make newer, more useful items! 

            # Strengthen and upgrade weapons and equipment you already have! 

            # Cook your meals out in the field with ingredients you find on your travels!


            Getting Around 


            # Ride around and fight on your Landmate, magical, speedy, defensive transportation! 

            # Teleport around using magic boxes and spells! 

            # Explore many, colorful, beautiful landscapes! Cute and charming, yet dynamic and powerful graphics and animations.


            Other Features 


            # Great story with fun, funny quests and side missions! Receive secret quests for different areas using game GOLD! 

            # Cute and crazy characters will help or hinder your adventure!

            # Massive amount of items in the online store. 


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