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            Aw, look, white rabbits on the street! Oh my, they have guns!! It’s a robbery, but probably the cutest robbery ever. Help the rabbits on their mission to obtain some delicious carrot flavored ice-cream. You need to be clever and use all your physics knowledge to succeed and get some Christmas loot with your furry-tail friends.


            Robber Rabbits is an addictive puzzle game featuring 48 tricky physics-based levels in a Christmas setting, full of shooting experiments and fun! Carrot ice cream is hanging high above on platforms swaying about, shoot it with your guns and snag the prize in the bag as it falls to the ground. Make sure to collect all the carrots and as many Christmas treasures as possible, while hunting for an ice cream! But beware: broken light bulbs, blowing fans, and other interactive objects make sure this is no easy task. Bang, bang!


            There's also iPhone version of this game! Check the App Store!


            GAME FEATURES:

            ◇ 48 challenging puzzles in a Christmas setting!

            ◇ 3 unique weapons that are truly the best tools of the trade!

            ◇ Realistic shooting physics gameplay 

            ◇ Oh-so-cute graphics and animation

            ◇ Original music and hilarious sound effects

            ◇ OpenFeint and Game Center support (with leaderboard and achievements)


            STILL NOT CONVINCED? Try the lite version for free by searching for "Robber Rabbits: Christmas Gift! HD" in the App Store.


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