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            DaTuner Donate is a simple and responsive chromatic tuner for all instruments.

            This is the professional version of DaTuner Chromatic Tuner, reviewed recently on Android Central:

            DaTuner is an all-purpose chromatic tuner with a simple interface. DaTuner converts the fundamental frequency to the nearest note and error in cents for quick and easy tuning of your guitar, ukelele, violin, bass, cello, mandolin, piano, harp, saxophone, balafone, Ducati timing belt, harmonica, kazoo, you name it.

            Features shared with free (lite) version:

            1.) Reference frequency adjustment for orchestra tuning.

            2.) Auto-Sensitivity - no configuration required.

            3.) Bright, easy-to-read display.

            4.) Quick, accurate and precise. < 0.3 cents @ E3 (329.62Hz), <0.1 cents @ C5(1046.5Hz), < 1 cent @ A2 (110Hz)

            5.) No dead zone - screen changes to green when tuning is good.

            6.) Ad-free!

            Extra features only in this version:

            7.) Transposition.

            8.) Temperaments. You can modify the ones that exist or add your own using a text editor. The temperaments are saved on your external memory under the /DaTuner directory.

            9.) Notation (ie Solfége, English, English sharp, English flat, Northern European.) Customization of these will be possible in a future upgrade.

            10.) Emulated strobe tuner display

            11.) Digital display of error in cents

            12.) Pitch pipe (triangle, sine, sawtooth, square)

            13.) Pitch pipe auto mode (no touch!)

            14.) choice of colours for sharp/flat

            15.) Transposition

            16.) Accelerated tuning algorithm.

            17.) Sample rate range 8kHz - 48kHz.

            DaTuner's display is easy to read; nearest note and octave is displayed in a giant, easy to read font in the center of the screen, and frequency in hertz plus error in cents is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Sensitivity is auto-adjusted, but can also be adjusted by touch via a bar on the left-hand side of the screen, and the speed/accuracy of the algorithm and the relative frequency (if other than 440Hz) can be adjusted via the configuration menu.

            There is no "dead zone" with this tuner app as is the case with many other apps. Instead, the whole display turns green when the incoming frequency is within a configurable range of the target frequency and you can still see small changes in pitch even within the "in-range" area. Both the "in-tune" range and the colours shown for sharp and flat can be configured in this version. The emulated strobe tuner display provides additional visual feedback to how close to the desired note you are.

            I have tried my best to eliminate bugs from this software, but as many new features have been added recently, I apologize in advance for any problems you might find. Getting feedback via email, negative and positive, is very appreciated, so please email me all of the problems that occur so I can fix them! Try out the free version of DaTuner first to be sure that you want to buy the donate version.


            - Doesn't detect any notes

            Turn on mic auto-adjust! Ensure that the signal rises above the little yellow bar - the algorithm doesn't run until this level is exceeded!

            - Low responsiveness / Lag

            If you experience lag, try reducing the "Averaging Time" setting in the configuration. The averaging algorithm is weighted so recent analyses have more impact, so even with higher averaging times, responsiveness should be Ok. I do find that the note display is still stable even if this value is adjusted all the way down to 600ms.

            PITCH PIPE:

            - There may still be a bug or 4 in pitch pipe output. Sorry.


            The screen won't size properly after you change notation. Just close and reopen DaTuner after changing notation.

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