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    Enter a world of swords and magic, and challenge friends old and new to a contest of tactics and skill. From the human Council to the mysterious Dark Elves, every team needs a fearless captain to lead them to victory. Only those that leverage their team’s strengths and capitalize on their opponent’s weaknesses will protect their crystal and win the day. The Academy extends a warm welcome to all – whether they’re already heroes, or simply heroes in training!
    • Highly accessible turn-based gameplay
    • Easy to learn – jump right in and play!
    • Play with friends or random opponents
    • Colorful light-hearted graphics and sound
    • Random playfields keeps battles fresh!
    • Get started with the free Council team
    • Expand your roster with additional teams!
    • Customize your team
    • Challenge your Facebook friends!
    • Invite your Twitter followers to play!
    • Chat with your opponents in-game
    • Push notifications alert you to your turns
Hero Academy for iPhone/iPad Screenshots:

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