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            The wait is over, finally you can use your Face to Unlock your iPhone!

            This works exclusively on the iOS 5 and requires a front facing camera.


            With this app you get a new way to protect your privacy. Use the latest iOS 5 Face Detection technology together with your own custom pattern code to keep your iPhone safe at all times.


            The app will sound one of the 10 alarms provided by the app if anybody moves your iPhone or iPod Touch. 


            They will have to know your passcode or dot-lock combination or kill the app in the multi-task bar in order to stop the alarm. 


            --- Instructions ---

            1. Choose lock type and set passcode.

            2. Tap Activate.

            3. To unlock, you will have to look at the front facing camera and wait for the app to detect your face and grant access.

            4. Type in passcode that you set in step 1.


            --- Features --- 

            ★ iOS 5 Face Detection

            ★ Connect the Dots style 9-dots lock 

            ★ Advanced 16-dots lock. 

            ★ Alphanumeric Password unlock 

            ★ 4-digit Passcode Lock 

            ★ Alarm stays on even if user presses the home button to quit the app

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