• Batman Arkham City Official Map App
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  • Release time: 2011-12-07
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            Please note: This is the official reference app to Batman: Arkham City, not the game itself. 


            “I just love being able to relegate task manager-type duties to a separate device... Also, this is totally Batman. Dude would use this if he could.” - TouchArcade


            “a strategy guide for completionists” - Kotaku


            “a handy tool” - Joystiq


            “handy for Apple fans eager to think of their iOS devices as the real world's closest thing to an actual utility belt” - GamesRadar.com


            “accurate... insightful... helpful... Fans will definitely want to pick this app up.” - N4G.com


            “Alfred will be like, ‘Dude, where did you get that!?’" - Destructoid


            “The game features a confounding number of Riddler challenges, puzzles scattered throughout the open world that number in the hundreds. It's hard enough finding them all, let alone solving them. Fortunately, a new iOS app has you covered.” - G4tv.com


            “a handy little guide...a good deal” - MTV.com



            ***Find every Riddler Trophy for Batman & Catwoman

            ***Solve every Riddle

            ***Track your progress as you bag more than 350 collectibles

            ***Interactive maps for every area in the game


            This officially licensed map app for Batman: Arkham City serves as the perfect digital companion to the game. This app features scrollable, zoomable maps for every area in the game, complete with locations of all the Riddler Trophies and solutions to all the Riddler's Riddles -- more than 350 collectibles in all!


            Each map has a tracking feature that allows you to toggle on and off the icons for collectibles you've found and those that await discovery.

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