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  • Release time: 2011-12-06
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            ???? ??? ????? ???????. 

            ★★★★ discount event★★★★



            ★★★★ Game characteristic ★★★★

            Fresh action puzzle game which couldn't find before makes a puzzle with avoiding the enemy!

            3D and 2D in harmony, fantastic graphic shows great effect!

            Easy and instinctive game for not only children and old man, but also men and women!

            Simple game style with only one finger! 

            Addictive game and best focus, there is no way out!

            Action puzzle including Boss stage and upgrading functions doesn't exist before!

            Cute image characters with interesting look and funny and dynamic motion by 3D to the life!

            It is very proud of great volume from each of 48 stages with different feeling, 4 bonus stage and 4 Boss stage!

            Regardless good player or weak player, everybody can enjoy the play with each 4 level of difficulty!

            Optimization method of the touch screen freely!

            Skill makes the game more funny!

            The interesting story and world view are in this game!



            ★★★★ Q&A ★★★★


            Q. What is the different these levels, Easy, Normal, Hard?

            A It is level of difficulty literally.


            Easy is the easiest level and Hard is the hardest level. In easy mode, the space beans have more time for droping and life than in the other mode.

            By the difficulty goes higher, the dififculty goes higher by faster droping and less life.

            However you can get more coins by the additional difficulty coin score.


            Q. I want to move in next Planet, but it is hard to obtain the Key.


            A. Getting Key depends on the score. 

            Why don't you challenge more lower level and win the key more! and Try upgrading the UFO,Try using the skill slot. 



            Q. How is the Skill organized?

            There are three skill types.

            -Life up : Adds to 5 spaces.

            -Gravity controll : Stop falling space beans at regular time period to control more smoothly.

            -Shield : It keeps out impact from obstacles.


            Q How to use the Skill?


            A. To use the Skill, need the Skill Slot. After buying the Skill Slot by Coin Score getting from the game and then installing the Skill will be possible.



            Q. what is the UFO upgrading for?


            A. It expands the upper number limit of UFO at each level. then you will gain more coin score.



            Q. When I can play the god mode?


            A. You need to clear the last boss.


            Q. What is the Total Migration?


            A. The total migration is the numbers of the beans that you moved.

            You can simply understand this that you moved them to each planet.


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