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            The Fifth Edition of The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language is one of the most comprehensive and accessible resources available on any mobile device. 


            The hard-copy version of the Fifth Edition of The American Heritage® Dictionary, launched on Nov 1, 2011, contains a passcode for a single copy of this app. The app is free to download, but it will require either an activation code or an in-app purchase for it to operate.

            For instructions on receiving an activation code, refer to the blue insert included with AHD5 or http://ahdictionary.com


            Please Note: this free offer is a single use passcode for use on one device only and is not transferable after redemption. The in-app purchase option will work for multiple devices on the same iTunes account as normal.


            This latest edition has been much anticipated:

            10 years

            20 Lexicographers

            200 Usage Experts

            10,000 New Words and Senses


            1 Defining Achievement


            Keep the hardcopy at home and take the app out with you wherever you need it. 


            Main Features:

            ? entire text of this landmark new edition

            ? complete front matter and appendices

            ? real-time progressive searching

            ? three-way cross-referencing indexes

            ? wildcard pattern searches (with * ?)

            ? spelling suggestions

            ? internal hyperlinking

            ? zoomable graphics

            ? full pronunciation symbols chart

            ? IPA pronunciation symbol conversion

            ? detailed etymologies with links to root appendices

            ? professionally recorded sound files

            ? automatic search history

            ? two-way external application interaction

            ? bookmarks with editable notations

            ? make-your-own flashcards

            ? complete offline use - no Internet connection needed 


            Note: for current users of the AHD4 and AHDeluxe apps, upgrade options will be made available to you inside your existing app.


            In keeping with the American Heritage® tradition of cutting-edge research, the Fifth Edition represents the work of a dedicated team of experts, scholars, and contributors. Thousands of definitions have been revised in rapidly changing fields such as astronomy and biology, geographical entries and maps have been completely updated, and the dictionary’s signature feature notes on word history, synonymy, and language variation have been enhanced and improved.


            Word meanings are made easier to understand with thousands of new quotations from classic and contemporary writers. Etymologies explaining word origins and development have been newly created or revised to reflect the very latest scholarship. Many words are traced back to their roots in prehistory through two unique appendices showing word roots in ancient Indo-European and Semitic.


            Reliable, enlightening, and visually stunning, the Fifth Edition of The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language gives you the opportunity to make your mark in the best possible way.


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