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            iFiles is a file manager, document viewer, text editor, voice recorder, wifi drive, and more for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.


            Transfer files from your computer, carry them around with you, and share them with your friends.


            Using iFiles is easy. Just swipe left or right over a file or folder cell to display a popup menu. Simply tap your selection and you’re ready to go. You can even view and modify properties, labels and icons.


            There’s no need to worry about the security of iFiles, either. Your files can be accessed remotely with a password or locally with a master passcode. No one but you will see what’s in your iFiles.


            With iFiles, you can easily share files with your friends (peer-to-peep only) using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.



            Send documents as email attachments directly from iFiles using iPhones email accounts.


            POPUP MENU

            Swipe left or right over a file/folder cell to display popup menu.


            VOICE RECORDER

            iFiles has build-in Voice recorder



            View and change folder and files properties. Color label and icon can be changed.



            Share files with other users of iFiles over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.



            Open PDF files using very fast viewer that supports very large and password protected files.



            Remote access can be secured with password and local with passcode.



            - Google Docs

            - MobileMe

            - Box.net

            - Dropbox

            - FTP/FTPS

            - SFTP

            - Flickr

            - Picasa

            - Facebook

            - WebDav

            - Amazon S3

            - Rackspace CloudFiles

            - SugarSync

            - CloudApp


            NEW FEATURES

            - Support for AirPrint (Requires AirPrint compatible printer or software)

            - Support For Amazon S3

            - Web Browser/Downloader

            - Support for external display using external dock connector

            - Direct text file editing in the cloud

            - FTP, FTPS, and SFTP Support

            - SugarSync Support

            - Create voice recording directly in the cloud

            - Paste text and image files directly in the cloud

            - Quicker navigation by doing one of three tap actions (tap, double tap, and tap and hold) on title in navigation bar (configurable actions, iPhone/iPod touch only)

            - Ability to use long passcodes with full keyboard by turning simple passcode off.

            - Fixed rotate issue in image viewer

            - New settings in text viewer "Edit Always on" turn off to be able to see links.

            - File transfere between computer will continue to run in background.



            - Move, Copy, Rename, Delete, and create New Folder

            - Zip and Unzip

            - Email (directly from iFiles using iPhones email accounts)

            - Share files with other users over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth(iPhone to iPhone/iPod Touch)

            - View and change properties

            - Save images to Photo Library

            - Create new Voice Recordings

            - Take Photos, record movies or import from Library

            - Create and edit text files

            - Print using AirPrint

            - Open In command to open files in other applications

            - Paste text and photos/images


            FILE FORMATS

            - iWorks (Pages, numbers, Keynote) ’08 and ’09 (with or without Preview)

            - Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

            - HTML web pages and Web archives (web pages downloaded by Safari)

            - PDF Documents.

            - RTF (Rich Text Format) and RTFD.

            - Plain text with auto-detection of character encoding. Text files can also be edited.

            - Movies (supported file formats by iPhone: MP4, MOV, MPV, 3GP, M4V)

            - Audio (WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIF, AIFF, ACC)

            - Images (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TIFF, ICO, CUR, XBM)

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