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    *** iOS 6 USERS WELCOME TO SKYFIRE *** Still missing Flash video playback in the new Safari? No problem, Install SkyFire Web Browser Now to watch Flash videos on iPad!
    *** TIME - Skyfire named a Top 50 App of 2012 ***
    Install SkyFire to watch your favorite flash video sites on iPad:
    *** Watch live sports (Don't miss Sunday night games) ***
    *** Watch (flash video site) and other Comedy Central shows ***
    It's Football season, so **GET SKYFIRE** to watch flash enabled sites. Watch Flash video livestreams, highlights, and replays.
    Watch your favorite Flash sites for football, baseball, soccer, basketball, cricket, rugby, hockey, college sports, or any other flash video sites.
    With over 15 MILLION SKYFIRE DOWNLOADS, we have deep experience in enabling Flash on mobile. Don't settle for imitations. Get the real thing, SKYFIRE is the *ORIGINAL* Flash Video browser on iOS ! Install SKYFIRE now .
    *** iTunes #1 Utility App of 2011 (US) ***
    (NOTE: *SKYFIRE Does NOT support Flash Apps, Games, Website animations - Just tons of great Flash videos across the web!)
    ===== Top SKYFIRE Award Winning Features =====
    1. Install Now to Watch Flash Videos
    ✔ Skyfire allows you to watch Flash videos that otherwise don’t work on iPad! Ever see a 'black rectangle' instead of a video while browsing with the native iPad browser (Safari)!? That's when you need Skyfire!
    ✔ Enjoy videos from sites across the web that have not been optimized for iPad such as live streaming video (breaking news, sports, concerts & more), South Park, The Daily Show, niche websites, and more.
    ✔ More than 200,000 websites supported and new ones added daily.
    2. Facebook and Twitter Integration
    ✔ Try the SKYFIRE 'Popular' feature to see what your friends and the Facebook community have found most 'Likeable' on the site you are browsing, or the SKYFIRE 'Fireplace' to quickly use the power of SKYFIRE to showcase just the media content on Facebook that your friends are sharing - No more boring updates, just good articles, photos, links & videos! And try the Skyfire 'Like' feature to easily Like any content you encounter while browsing - It's smart and social browsing!
    ==== Some Limitations (Please Read) ====
    ✔ Videos may take up to 10-20 seconds to start, preparing goodness and saving you money (compression) takes time.
    ✔ SKYFIRE supports Flash videos! (Flash animations, apps & Facebook, Zynga games, etc. are not supported) Unfortunately, over 90% of our negative ratings stem from users expecting Skyfire to enable Flash apps, so please understand that Skyfire is focused on video only at this time.
    ✔ SKYFIRE does not support all sites (over 200,000 sites are enabled, but not all video players are supported and some sites like ESPN3 do not support 3rd party browsing) We are adding support for more players and sites all the time!
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