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  • Release time: 2011-10-09
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            Unleash the Demons in all of us!


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            • Demon Cam #1 Entertainment app in 5 countries! Top 25 in entertainment in US.

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            Demon Cam™ allows you to record a personalized VIDEO of anyone and transform them into a shocking Demon!


            Send a fake video greeting and surprise your Friends with this powerful new video app!


            Demon Cam™ features automated Face Tracking and ultra fast results.


            Get ready to Scare & Share!



            • Real HD video processing!

            • Automated face tracking

            • Demon morphs with your face & personality

            • Ultra-fast results, ready in 10-15 seconds!

            • Share videos on Facebook or Email to friends

            • Hollywood FX in 3 easy steps

            • Cinematic graphics and sound FX

            • Choose from 7 unique characters!

            • Save still photos too!

            • No internet required to render!

            • Includes easy help tips!


            Here’s how it works:

            Film a personalized video, Set Track Points, and choose a Demon!


            Be Creative!?

            Demon Cam™ allows you to record any kind of video greeting before the Demon Morph, so it’s up to you to find clever ways to draw your victim in before unleashing the Demon!



            Fun Ideas:


            ? Send a happy birthday wish that ends with a shock! (Demon Morph!!)


            ? Tell mom that you lost your job because you had a nervous breakdown like this!! Ahhhhh! (Demon Morph!!)


            ? Send your girlfriend or boyfriend a sweet message about how you want to... Raarrww!!! (Demon Morph!!)


            ? Fun and endless possibilities! 



            Please do not scare old people, they could pass away and come back to haunt you for REAL.


            This App contains realistic scary video imagery, if you scare chicks at a party they may be too scared to go home alone. You have been warned!




            • iPhone 4 or 3GS

            • iPod 3rd Gen or newer

            • iOS 4.2 or newer required

            • HD Video requires iPhone 4 or 4th Gen iPod Video Camera


            Support & Tips:? 

            We answer all support emails! Please go to DemonCam.com for any support and tips! Give us a chance to help you if you have questions or feedback!


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