You¡¯ve signed up to join a ship¡¯s crew as the on-board surgeon due to a sharp increase of attacks at sea. When you become shipwrecked on a remote island though, you find yourself face to face with o
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    unWorded is a wordy narrative puzzler created by a two-men team that has been selected and awarded in many mobile events around the world: - Radius festival (Austria 07/16): Official Selection - R
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    Draw Something is the ¡°World¡¯s Most Popular Drawing Game¡±. Have fun with your friends and family exchanging doodle art. Sketch a perfect work of art and participate in our contests. Pick up your br
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    Lost and bewildered in an exotic world, Kyrsten wishes nothing but a way home. With the help of a newly-met ghost-like friend Jaynie, her surreal journey of exploration begins. Travel through the stra
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    Raytrace is a puzzle logic game that revolves around one of the most beautiful phenomena - light refraction. With more than 120 levels to go, you¡¯ll have plenty of opportunities to prove yourself as
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    Causality is a puzzle game about manipulating time, altering the sequence of events and changing the outcome of each level. Set across strange and alien landscapes, help a group of stranded astrona
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    Channel oil into the gaping jaws of surreal living worlds in Feed Me Oil 2, the sequel to the groundbreaking and genre-defining Feed Me Oil. SLICKER THAN YOUR AVERAGE Guide gallons of the stuff ar
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    The legendary Susan the Warmaide is back in the Lost Lands! A ghost ship, an evil overlord, an island full of mysteries, and more await on her journey into the unknown. "Lost Lands: The Wanderer" i
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    Split the world with a swipe of your finger and then rearrange it to guide critters back to their spaceship. Explore colorful planets full of danger, challenging puzzles, and innovative mechanics that
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    Mini Metro, the sublime subway simulator, now on Android devices. ¡ñ BAFTA nominated ¡ñ IGF award winning ¡ñ Over 250,000 copies sold on desktop Mini Metro is a game about designing a subway m
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    The Quest is a beautifully hand-drawn open world role playing game with old school grid-based movement and turn based combat. In the kingdom of Monares trouble is brewing. The governor of Freymore
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    An epic adventure through a cursed wilderness of monsters, traps and magic. Begin your journey here! (Parts 1 and 2 not required.) + Explore everywhere - move freely through the world, any way you
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    From legendary designer Steve Jackson, co-founder of Lionhead Studios (with Peter Molyneux), and Fighting Fantasy and Games Workshop (with Ian Livingstone); and inkle, the studio behind the award-winn
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    An epic adventure through Khar¨¦: Cityport of Traps. Begin your story here! (Part 1 not required.) "Another spectacular rendition of classic interactive fiction" - (Kotaku) "Fantastic, and you s
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    An open-world narrative adventure into a cursed Citadel of monsters, traps and magic. Fight weird creatures, cast powerful spells that shape the story, cheat death, and explore everywhere. Begin your
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    This world is kept at balance thanks to the mysterious shadow blocks, but a dark and powerful wizard cast a spell and scatter many of the various shadowbox formation that kept shadow at bay. You ar
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    In the third game about Pettson¡¯s Inventions you get to explore Pettson and Findus farm while completing even more of their amazing inventions. Enjoy 36 brand new inventions divided into 6 differe
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    Madwarf 3D is a puzzle game which is developed for Android Platform. The game has several entertaining and puzzling stages. Pass the stages and save the dwarf from the dangerous mine! Features:
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    In the SlopeMania add-on you find yourself on the Tiltin Islands, home to three brand new islands where you'll even be building your bridges inside colorful grottoes! The 24 tricky, never-before-seen
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    Journey with "Haha" as she ascends a deadly tower. Face new challenges in each room, including new obstacles, enemies and traps. Don't rely on your speed or strength to get you through this; only your
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