The "Magic Paper" possesses magic powers - it can read your thoughts! First of all let yourself be amazed, and then bamboozle all your friends. "Magic Paper" knows what symbol you are thinking of a
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            The Ultimate Photo-Decoration App!         The popular “pripri MARRON” kicks it up another notch!         User-friendly interface         Many sparkly, twinkling, and lovely designs         With simple and
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            Chainfire3D is an intermediary OpenGL driver. What does that mean? It means that Chainfire3D sits between your apps and the graphics drivers, and can intercept and/or change commands between the tw
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            The cutest avatar-making app is now on Android!         Channel your inner fashion guru with Dress to Impress! Express your individuality through mixing and matching chic and posh clothing. Recreate yo
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            My-Cast. Your Weather. No waiting.         My-Cast Weather brings you the classic features of our award winning weather app in a totally re-designed Android user experience. Get access to critical weat
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            SPB TV - Stay Tuned On the Go!         Use SPB TV to watch live and video-on-demand TV channels on your device. You can use a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. More than 150+ channels from 20+ countries. No subs
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            Monitor battery level, health, temperature and remaining time         Monitor battery power level, health and temperature with customizable status bar icon, alarms and remaining time estimates.         Fea
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            Use Google Books to read over 3 million ebooks on the go.         Build your ebooks library in the cloud with Google Books: jump right into a bestseller or select from nearly 3 million free ebooks. Per
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            Bitdefender Mobile Security is a lightweight solution for Android devices         Bitdefender Mobile Security (BETA) is a next-gen antivirus solution for Android devices focused on little (to zero) sys
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            Auto Kill Task Manager         "AutoKill Task Manager" is an app manager tool which can kill running apps to speed up your device and save your device's battery life.         It is "Auto Kill" enabled
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            SeekDroid allows you to secure and find your phone from anywhere in the world!         Some popular features include:         -Find My Phone         -Security for your phone         -Alarm with custom messages         SeekD
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            Never run out of screen icon space again. Place 16 icons in the place of 4!         More Icons Widget is a home screen widget that allows you to add more icons onto your home screen. You can place up t
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            Touch a human body and learn anatomy with the addictive game Speed Anatomy!         How fast can you point to your liver, gall bladder or incisor? Do you know the difference between the auricle and the
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            ADW.Launcher, beyond tweaking your android desktop         Opensource home replacement app         -Customizable application drawer (old one or iphone/galaxy one)         -Customizable drag&drop action buttons         -
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            The worldwide smash hit iPhone app for toddlers - now for Android!         336 SOUNDS & IMAGES OF: ANIMALS, BIRDS, VEHICLES, MUSICAL-INSTRUMENTS & HOUSEHOLD (Coming soon: Nature)         DESIGNED BY PARENT
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            he best way to monitor traffic, SMS and calls: Traffic Counter Pro.         Traffic Counter Pro is an easy way to monitor and count your Messages, Calls, Cell or Wifi- network usage.         # Features         -
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            Monitor your monthly network traffic usage, stay within your data plan limits.         Monitor your daily and monthly network traffic with DU Meter. Make sure you stay within your data plan limits and
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            Control your phone's screen based on orientation, and save battery too!         Get your Screen on! Screebl is an application that controls power saving features based on orientation. Never have th
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            The Best Comic Reader Ever!         Read Full Sized Comics On Small Screens!         Simply tap on the text and the Smart Lens (Patent Pending) will pop out sized to the text block!         Features:         Full supp
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            Protect your Android smartphone and tablet from emerging threats.         ESET Mobile Security for Android combines ESET’s mobile-optimized proactive antivirus scanning engine with antispam and a
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