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    Gather the Pyracubes into groups. They lock together when they touch, so be careful not to get them stuck.

    This full version of Pyracubes features 160 levels including the Classic and Tricky sections. Your purchase also helps me to write more games. Thanks : )


    - 160 puzzle levels set across four difficulty modes.
    - Every level has a challenging expert goal to achieve.
    - Control the Pyracubes using a variety of Talismans.
    - A full set of tutorial levels to help get you started.

    Player Reviews:

    "Polished gameplay. Pleasantly configurable game experience with clever twists that put Pyracubes on a higher level. I'm really liking this game!"

    "I'm enjoying this game, still in the tutorial level. Can't reach the goal of 6 on the tenth game! Love the colors and effects. Different and fun."
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