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    Discover the Truth. The Starship Avalon, CRITICALLY malfunctioned on its 120-year space voyage to the colony planet Homestead II. Now 5,258 passengers are at risk. Uncover what happened in the official Passengers game based on the Columbia Pictures film.

    -Why did Jim and Aurora’s hibernation pods malfunction?
    -What will happen to Jim, Aurora, and the others that face the same fate?
    -Are there enough resources to survive?
    -Are Jim and Aurora alone?
    -Is something going on between Jim and Aurora?
    -How will their awakening affect Avalon’s eventual arrival at Homestead II?

    Main Features
    - Follow this incredible multithreaded fictional narrative and closely examine what happened aboard the Starship Avalon.
    - Read between the lines and discover the budding romance among the stars.
    - Get EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes looks from the Columbia Pictures film, Passengers.
    - Dive into a side-story that further explores the Starship Avalon, the Homestead Company's premiere interstellar starliner that is unparalleled in luxury, comfort, and safety!
    - Navigate office politics and get to the bottom of the situation.
    - Help the Board of Directors understand what happened and what other risks are facing their investment.
    - Decipher the ship logs and sort through exclusive security footage.
    - Unlock the mystery of what went wrong.
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