• O2Jam Analog - Rhythm Action
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  • Release time: 2011-10-11
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            Enjoy the real Ryhthm-Action Game'O2Jam Analog'!

            ※ Full Version

            ※ 32 songs included. If you do not see your songs or login module on your device, we recommend you to re-download O2Jam.

            ※ The least version is 1.0.10. If you have this on your devices, you don’t need to download application again. Songs will be updated automatically.

            ※ O2jam may not be compatible with newly released devices or other devices which fall below the minimum specifications

            [O2Jam Analog Launch for Android!]

            Traditional Rhythm-Action Game ‘O2Jam Analog’ was derived from the world’s first rhythm action game O2Jam online.

            O2Jam Analog has been revamped & optimized for the smart phone platform.

            O2Jam analog is a traditional style rhythm action game where you tap the screen in sync with the drop of the notes.

            Feel the excitement and experience the thrill through your eyes, ears and fingertips.

            O2Jam Analog has been optimized to provide you with a top tier rhythm action gaming experience and comes equipped with a solid list of high quality tracks for your enjoyment.

            Bring out your best to be the best with O2Jam Analog!

            So? What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the highly addictive, fast paced action of O2Jam Analog!

            ※ O2Jam Analog comes with 34 free songs.

            [System Requirement]

            1. Platform: Android 2.2 Pro, 2.3 Gingerbread-based

            2. 800 x 480 screen size recommended

            3. Recommended CPU : 1GHz or Higher

            4. SD external memory is recommended for smooth download

            and installation.

            5. Device

            Galaxy S, Galaxy U, Galaxy K, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Hoppin,

            Galaxy Tap, Vega Racer, Vega X, Vega S, Nexus S,

            Sony Ericsson ARC, HTC Sensation , Optimus3d, Optimus2X



            1. Supports 2,4 or 5 Key Modes

            2. Difficulties: Easy, Normal, and Hard

            3. Introduction of the all new Double combo; ‘Jam combo’ system.

            4. Absolute Speed System; you can adjust your speed from 1-8

            according to your preference (BPM will not factor in with your setting).

            [Playable Songs]

            1. Invitation

            2. Do You Know?

            3. New World Black

            4. Invitation II

            5. Revival On

            6. Love Witch

            7. Hide and seek

            8. Electro Fantasy

            9. Memoryer

            10. Dlstance

            11. V3

            12. Light

            13. Black Swan

            14. Whistle

            15. Clementi Sonatina

            16. Shine

            17. Death Moon2

            18. Bach Toccata

            19. A good day

            20. Marvel Super Miracle

            21. Chopin Black Keys

            22. Sunshine Love

            23. ICE ICE ICE

            24. Pit-A-Pat Summer

            25. Show Me The Love

            26. Imagination

            27. Identity Part 4

            28. Wonderland

            29. Rage Of Fire

            30. %10

            31. Silver Moon Love

            32. Couple Breaking

            33. %qw

            34. %S

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