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            With WorkTimes you can easily track and manage your hours worked and see your overtime at a glance. WorkTimes is primarily designed for employees having regular working hours.


            Based on your normal working hours WorkTimes automatically calculates your worked overtime. You can also reduce your overtime e.g. when you receive overtime pay.


            Adding work time is as easy as adding new events to the calendar app - but even faster! Hours worked entries will be displayed clearly within a day and week view.


            Tag your times: Use tags to track your time worked for individual projects, customers or any other activities you’ve spent time on. You can also assign for each tag the (exact) amount of time you worked. The "tagged time" tab then gives you a brief overview of all your tags in detail.



            - Track and manage your work time

            - Set your regular working hours to let WorkTimes calculate your overtime

            - Export via email (CSV and Excel)

            - Analysis for week, month and year

            - Add and reduce your overtime manually

            - Tag your time worked

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