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    Revered, feared and enigmatic. The First Autumn Emperor’s legacy is undisputed. He began as a minor warlord, yet he would one day unify the country, discover firedust, and repel the greatest barbarian invasion in history. His personage is a mystery, but his exploits are legendary. Could you have ruled in his place instead?
    Manage your empire turn by turn: manage cities, construct buildings, raise armies and engage in diplomacy and espionage. Unify the land by conquering all provinces!
    Fight your battles in real time: use simple gestures to direct your armies and turn the tide of battle with special abilities. Outsmart and outmaneuver your foes through superior tactics!
    • 4X-RTS gameplay: Explore, expand, exterminate and exploit in your quest to establish your dynasty

    • Riveting missions: Experience them all with more than 100 hours of gameplay

    • Non-linear campaign: Each decision you make can affect the fate of your empire

    • Strategic flexibility: Select the right troops, decrees and officers to defeat the enemy

    • Choose your path to victory: Pick your battlefields as you fight your way into enemy cities

    • Unique touch controls: Direct your forces with simple gestures and brushstrokes

    • In-game interactions: Send your officers on missions: engage in diplomacy, espionage or sabotage

    • Randomly generated battle maps, beautifully rendered in oriental watercolor style

    • Retina display ready

    • Game Center achievements
Autumn Dynasty Warlords for iPhone/iPad Screenshots:

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