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    Carnies: they hypnotize…they steal…they leave. They call it “burning the lot.” But something else is going on. Something that reeks of a plan and carnies don’t plan. Now’s the time to put the hurt on ‘em, before things get out of hand.


    Stopping interstellar carnies from taking over the galaxy is your job. That means finding the weapons and tactics you’ll need to get the job done. Fight your way around three different planets. Collect coins that lead to better gear. Better gear leads to bigger bangs. You get the idea.

    - Dual-stick, third-person shooter. Dance. Dodge. Destroy.
    - 30 story-driven levels with multiple objectives. Help out natives, recover artifacts, take down Carnies in new ways.
    - 12 enemy types + 9 bosses = total Carny carnage.
    - 17 different melee and projectile weapons. Barbell? You bet. Flame gun? Fun.
    - 3 uniquely themed, planet-shaped maps: Wild West, Miner, South of the Border.
    - Upload/download game progress to the cloud and play on multiple devices.
    - COMING SOON: survival mode, more planets, more weapons, more enemies.

    data: SDcard/Android/Obb
Burn The Lot +data for Android Screenshots:

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