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    Indigo Lake is an intelligent psychological horror game that mixes first person combat, driving and puzzle solving. Explore an open world, translate ancient American Indian pictograms and dispel spirits with unique rituals.
    The Story
    Reports of unusual sightings at Indigo Lake are commonplace but recently a spate of suicides has triggered an investigation by paranormal specialists. Your good friend Dr Everett was sent to the lake to find out the truth behind the recent activity but he has failed to report in. It is now your task to find him and put to rest any supernatural activity for good.
    You are able to freely move anywhere within the environment to search for clues and dispel the spirit forces. With such a large environment a 4X4 vehicle can be used to manoeuvre quickly around the map. As ghost hunting is a risky business you are equipped with a hand gun loaded with tracer rounds that can scare away the spirits, blast through doors and trigger puzzles. You are also given a pair of smart glasses which can highlight clues and items as well as and record every terrifying step of your adventure along with a picture in picture reaction camera. Recordings are saved to camera roll for uploading to YouTube or other video sites and can be edited with iMovie.
    Indigo Lake has been loaded with the latest 3D graphics techniques to produce a living world. Trees, vegetation and even the rain moves in the harrowing wind. Advanced particle effects fill the environment and distant lightning strikes light up every surface. Indigo lake shows off some of the most impressive weather effects ever seen on a mobile device with each rain drop creating a splash when it strikes the terrain. Full screen blooming, per pixel lighting and chromatic aberration enhance the game visuals to a level not usually seen on a mobile platform. True physics have been applied to the vehicle dynamics with each wheel possessing independent suspension. The complex physics also extend to the player model allowing you to be pushed, knocked and even thrown around the environment.


    -Per Pixel Lighting on all surfaces even on slower devices.
    -Destroyable objects.
    -True projectile based hand gun.
    -Physics based drivable vehicle.
    -True particle collision physics.
    -Live Reaction Camera.
    -Inbuilt video recorder (720p recording straight to camera roll).
    -Retina support.
    -Universal app
    -iPhone 5/iPod touch 5G screen support.
    -Large free roaming map.
    -Elegantly designed first person controls.
    -Supports iPod 4g and up.
    -Full game (No Ads and No IAP).


    iPod 4G, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and up (live reaction camera and recording not available on iPod 4G and iPhone 4). iOS 5,6 and 7 supported.
Indigo Lake for iPhone/iPad Screenshots:

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