• Great Battles Medieval for iPad
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  • Version: 1.00
  • Size: 331 MB
  • Required: iOS 6.0 or later
  • Release time: 2013-07-05
  • Dev. Page: Slitherine

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    In this epic strategy RPG you will lead your army through the greatest of medieval wars and history will live again.
    This is the Hundred Years War. Each man must stand tall. Each man's mettle will be tested. But amongst all men there are leaders, there are those who will not be cowed. Can you be that leader?
    * Free form quest map that allows players to decide when and where to fight within a historical framework.
    * More than 20 different units all accurately researched and carefully modeled in amazing detail.
    * Almost infinite number of equipment combinations.
    * Specialise your squads with over 100 unique skills.
    * Play as the English under the Black Prince.
    * Innovative Battle Card system that gives bonuses and penalties in battle.
    * The most detailed and realistic medieval combat model ever created.
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