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    Solve a particularly hairy case with Brother Chief and Brother Colleague!
    The Pilot Brothers’ cat Arsenic has been kidnapped by Experimental Chef Sumo! Now the famed duo must track down Arsenic before he’s served with French fries.  Per usual, this madcap detective adventure won’t be without its twists and turns, as the brothers must start by constructing a composite of the catnapper’s face with the help of a witness.  Before long they’ll be slipping past ticket collectors at the railway station, driving a railroad handcar and chasing a train carrying Sumo and Arsenic . Help the Pilot Brothers cross the river – without a bridge – and solve numerous challenging puzzles to save Arsenic in this heart-pounding quest!
    ● Master a variety of stimulating settings
    ● Play a bunch of fast-paced mini-games
    ● Enjoy the whimsical storyline and characters
    ● Game Center Support
    ● iPhone 5 support
Pilot Brothers 2 (Full) for iPhone Screenshots:

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