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    Small footprint, with only the functions you need to manage your files.
    - We believe that programs must be objective, so they can be easy to use and perform well, dont wasting valuable resources with functions you dont need or will never use.
    - By this reason 'URSafe Explorer' support all functions you need to well manage your files, like: Copy, Move (fast), Delete, Rename, Email, Zip, Unzip, Encrypt*, Decrypt*, Info, Search and Run any known files with a simple touch in the screen.
    - Now with a new and improved Landscape Layout for a better use of the screen of your phone or tablet.

    Tight integration with 'URSafe Application Backup'.
    - In case you use our companion program called 'URSafe Application Backup', it will be integrated as one option button in 'URSafe Explorer' without any additional configuration.

    Easy of use without boring text menus.
    - We implemented a concept of Action/Reaction, giving you all the functionalities as a natural way to do. For each Action, you will be guided to react. We like simplicity, so we implemented it for you.

    Safety for your files with encryption/decryption functions.*
    - With this you are able to encrypt all your sensitive data, leaving them in its original place and with its original name so you can use it when you need. All of this with total safety, because the files are password protected and encrypted with the same technology adopted by the US government.
    * This option is only available in the 'URSafe Explorer PRO' version.
URSafe File Explorer PRO for Android Screenshots:

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