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    Defense game combined with Action RPG elements is coming with fantastic fun.
    Brand new type of the game! Defense game combined with Action RPG elements is coming with dynamic 3D graphic and fantastic fun.

    The lord! Prevent the darkness incarnate, the dark dragon's rebirth!!!

    Bad omens for the return of the dark dragon are widespread and those cast shadows on the peaceful
    kingdom. You need to bring all powerful magic and various units to defend against your enemies and
    kill the dark dragon as a king.
    With your best units, defeat Goblin and Orc that bring the dark dragon back and beat the dark dragon
    itself for making the kingdom safe. The adventure begins!

    ★ Brand new type of the game!
    - You can play a brand new type of game which features the best mixture of defense game and action
    - Feel the excitement of a heavy fighting with Goblin, Orc and the dark dragon in 5 areas (Dark forest,
    desert, iced forest, dungeon, and volcano area)
    - This game offers 5 various mission types (Survival/Protect a supply Wagon/Tower Defense/Tower
    Attack/Boss Battle), which is totally different from the game on only as usual.

    ★ Exciting and spirited battle using fantastic magic and a variety of units to play!
    - You can use 9 kinds of magic spells (heal, sacrifice, fury, immortal, holy fire, thunderbolt, bondage,
    hypnosis, fire wall) in the beginning.
    - Fight a realistic battle using 7 units. (worker, sword man, archer, shield man, fire mage, knight, ice mage)
    - You can improve your ability by variety of items such as ring, amulet, sword and Rune.

    ★ Betting stage system
    - You can earn items needed for the game by betting
    - Try your luck!

    ★ Incomparable 3D graphic!
    - Beautifully detailed 3D backgrounds
    - You can get kicks from 9 kinds of skills effects
End Of Darkness [E.O.D] for Android Screenshots:

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