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            Quickoffice is the essential Microsoft® Office productivity tool for your iPad. Award-winning and the #1 Business App.




            ? Create, View & Edit Microsoft Word documents (.doc & .docx)

            ? Create, View & Edit Excel® spreadsheets (.xls & .xlsx)

            ? Create, View & Edit PowerPoint® presentations (create/edit .ppt & view .pptx)


            RECENT UPDATES:


            ? Create, Edit, View & Save ppt presentations 

            ? Save files as PDFs 

            ? Print files using iOS AirPrint 

            ? Share files on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, &, Yammer

            ? Access and store files using Evernote and Catch


            With our iPad-enhanced mobile office solution, you will have full control of creating, editing, formatting, accessing and sharing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Our Connected File Manager also enables you to remotely access, transfer, share and manage your files on MobileMe, Dropbox, Google® Docs, Box, Huddle, SugarSync, Evernote, and Catch. New sharing features allow you to publish your content using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yammer, Slideshare, Scribd, and Docstoc. 


            Quickoffice SmartTouch™ Technology: 


            Power Edit Mode – Easily make edits across entire documents or spreadsheets with our Multi-Edit Toolbox. Quickly format text, numbers, paragraphs, backgrounds, and cells without opening and closing multiple menus. Great for power users and beginners alike. 


            Single Screen Viewing – Experience the easiest and most intuitive way to navigate horizontally and vertically through your folders and files, and conveniently review file information within a single-screen view. 


            Advanced Touch Control – Enjoy managing your files with our simple–to-use touch, tap, and drag controls in our advanced Connected Filemanager. Scroll in any direction and drag and drop to e-mail, move, copy, and delete files on your iPad or in your remote storage account. 


            Smooth Page Scrolling – Amazingly cool, single-touch navigation lets you preview page thumbnails and jump to any page in any size document. 


            Quickword® - Advanced Word Document Processing 

            * New! Find and Replace

            * Create, Open & Edit Microsoft Word documents 

            * Multi-Edit Toolbox for fast and convenient edits 

            * Edit in Page-layout mode, retaining full format print view 

            * Scroll bar to preview page thumbnails and jump to any page in any size document 

            * Extensive text formatting; bold, italics, underline, font sizes/styles 

            * File support: Edit (97-2008) DOC, DOCX, TXT 


            Quicksheet® - Advanced Excel Spreadsheet Editor 

            * New! Find and Replace 

            * Create, Open & Edit Microsoft Excel spreadsheets 

            * Multi-Edit Toolbox for fast and convenient edits 

            * Formula builder to easily create calculations 

            * Supports advanced Excel features 

            * Copy/paste cells, columns, rows, cell ranges & formulas are dynamically updated 

            * Extensive number, cell, and text formatting; bold, italic, cell background, font color, symbols, wrap text 

            * File support: (97-2008) XLS, XLSX

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