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    Robots Attack! Burn everything with lasers, and destroy cities in our cool tactical game! Featured by PocketGamer (in "September's most exciting iOS games")
    Nearest future. War is coming! Powerful AI became aware of itself and started uprising against the human race!
    Giant robots are walking the streets, burning everything with their powerful lasers.
    You're playing for the AI!
    - Find yourself in charge of the Robotic Apocalypse!
    - Enjoy managing the robotic squad, burning humans, and upgrading your robots!
    In our cool tactical game you'll be able to:
    - BURN humans with POWERFUL lasers!
    - DESTROY cities and CRASH buildings
    - Convert enemy units to energy and buy more upgrades
    - Defeat Helicopters, Tanks and Rocket Launchers
    and upgrade your Robots to make the squad unstoppable!
Robots Attack! for iPhone Screenshots:

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