• Gymrat: Workout Planner & Log for Android
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  • Version: 1.0.6
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  • Required: Android 2.2 and up
  • Release time: 2012-07-31
  • Dev. Page: GYMR

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    Workout planner and log with hundreds of weightlifting and cardio exercises, routines, progress tracking and gym tools such as stopwatch to help you achieve your fitness goals! Gymrat is for fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilding pros, and weightlifting beginners.
    Discover new weightlifting and cardio exercises with easy search and filtering. Create your own gym routines with custom goals and supersets or follow the built-in ones. Track your workout progress with charts and graphs. Track vital statistics such bmi, body fat, blood pressure, pulse, glucose and weight tracker. Record your body measurements such as chest, arms, waist and gym benchmark exercises such as push ups, pull ups, and bench press. Utilize stopwatch and countdown timer tools for other gym tasks.

    Exercise database
    400+ exercises and more in later updates. Weight lifting and cardio exercises are available and custom exercises with pictures can be added. Exercises are grouped by body part such as abs, core, biceps, chest, shoulders, glutes and calves. Each exercise is searchable by name, fitness difficulty and gym equipment.

    Eleven routines are included focusing on beginners, intermediate muscle building, core, strength training, and travel. Few new workouts are added with each update. Create custom routines for weight training, general workout, strength training, bodybuilding, bulking, cutting, resistance training, etc. You can reorder, add, delete, and superset each exercise. Optional rest timer is available.

    Log an exercise or whole weight training routine. Workout logs are viewed in table and chart formats. Charts allow to see exercise progress metrics such as "One Rep Max", "Maximum Weight", "Maximum Reps", "Exercise Duration", "Longest Exercise Time", "Total Exercise Time", "Exercise Intensity" and many more.

    Multiple people can now use the same app at the gym. Records such as workout logs, progress logs of weight, bmi, blood pressure, customizable benchmark exercises such as pushups, abs, squats and other health and bodybuilding settings are associated with profiles.

    Progress feature allows setting fitness goals, graph, and chart Vital Statistics, Body Measurements and Benchmark Exercise. They can be exported as s screenshot, html, text, csv over email, messaging, or Facebook.
    1. Vital Statistics: Weight, BMI, Body fat, Pulse, Blood Pressure, and Glucose.
    2. Body Measurements: Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Forearms, Chest, Waist, Hips, Thighs, Calves
    3. Benchmark Exercises: Add your own such as Bench Press, Squat ad Pull up.

    Gym Tools
    We are starting to incorporate all the tools needed during your gym workouts!
    1. Stopwatch - with logging and export functionality of laps and times
    2. Countdown timer - use with any timed exercise in the gym
    3. Repetition calculator (repper) - calculate your One Rep Max (1RM) or a hard weight to lift for a certain number of sets

    Descriptions of functionality of the app such as routine and exercise modules. We strive to make all features intuitive.

    Try "Gymrat: Workout Planner & Log", a gym workout planner and journal / log and see why it is the best workout organizer and fitness app available for bodybuilding, weight lifting, weight training, strength training, cardio training, and general fitness. Even the most hardcore weight training, powerlifting gymrats need a little help remembering last weight and reps! Coupled with the tools such as stopwatch and timer, it will be the only gym app you need!

    * Vibrate: rest timer can vibrate and ring
    * Internet & Storage: exercise image download and storage
    * Network State: checking WiFi availability for exercise image download

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