• Chicken Doom
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  • Version: 1.2
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  • Release time: 2012-07-15
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            What happens when a primitive, under-evolved species and some almost evolved poultry covet the same ressource ? A terrible and everlasting series of conflicts named « Corn Wars » !

            Biggy, a hunter and farmer, has in his possession a massive amount of a resource desired by evil space poultry: « Corn »! 

            These vile volatiles have decided to plunder Biggy World to obtain as much Corn as possible in their crazed conquest of the universe. But the Biggies are determined to stop them… 

            Will they be strong enough to eradicate those galactic gallinaceans and put an end to their relentless progression? 

            Their fate is in your hands! Take command of your defensive turret, reinforce it with more weapons and armor, and prepare to roast these volatiles once and for all! 

            Be precise, because their next step could be our beautiful blue planet.



            - New iPad retina

            - Play as Biggy and Biguette in 6 different colorful and cartoonish levels.

            - Customize your Biggy with achievements reward

            - 5 power-ups (Fire, Shield, Lightning…) and 7 arms that upgrade while you play to allow you to make combos!

            - Play in co-op on the same screen.

            - A left handed mode to facilitate the use of power-ups and combos

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