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    Superior GPS sports tracking app. Running, cycling, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, biking, flying, gliding. The best featured app to record your GPS track and monitor your performance and cardio fitness.

    ★ Live tracking
    ★ Speed, distance, time, pace, altitude gain/loss
    ★ Training plans
    ★ Heart rate*
    ★ Breathing rate***
    ★ Skin temperature***
    ★ Cadence**
    ★ Voice trainer feedback
    ★ Personal Bests
    ★ Performance
    ★ Auto facebook/twitter
    ★ Groups
    ★ Friends
    ★ Replay my tracks on Google maps
    ★ Realtime zoomable charts
    ★ Weather
    ★ Calories
    ★ Race yourself
    ★ Export in GPX, CSV, KML from the website

    * Polar or Zephyr BLUETOOTH HRM required
    ** Zephyr Hxm required
    *** Zephyr BioHarness required
SportsTracker PRO Run & Bike for Android Screenshots:

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