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    Use your PCs remotely through any Android device on any network (3G, 4G, or WIFI).

    ** Service is free; buy the app and use it forever.

    Watch and interact with the computer, watch through an attached webcam, listen through an attached mic; it's like you're there at your PC.

    Setup is easy. Just download the free PC client and follow the instructions on our website:

    ** No network setup required.

    Industry standard SSL security.

    Support provided by the engineers who work on the product, answers almost always within 24 hours, usually within an hour or two.

    Many exciting updates slated for the near future.

    Please email comments, feedback and suggestions. We put every good point, new idea and valid complaint into a list and treat each and every one seriously. We depend on you.

    CURRENT: This is an optional update with a minor change to fix tiny App icon.
    PREVIOUS: This is an optional update with some bug fixes for Kitkat users (cursor, toolbars not showing).

    KEYWORDS Remote Control, Like: LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, RDP, VNC
PhoneMyPC for Android Screenshots:

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