• Luxor Evolved HD (Full) for iPhone/iPad
  • About 0 Downloads
  • Version: 1.2.3
  • Size: 43.5 MB
  • Required: iOS 3.2 or later
  • Release time: 2012-06-21
  • Dev. Page: MumboJumbo

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    In an all-new, completely revamped LUXOR Evolved, the chains are faster, the power-ups more awesome, the shooters more stealthy. In this retro-styled arcade shooter, you’ll experience a faster, more intense LUXOR, unlike any you’ve seen before.
    Harkening back to arcade classics, LUXOR Evolved is action packed with more bonuses and a quickened pace. The number one marble shooter game offers up excitement, secret levels, and bonus levels to keep the surprises coming and your shooter firing.
    • 60+ levels of all-new fast and furious LUXOR
    • Retro, arcade-style art and level design
    • 20 power-ups
    • 3 super power-ups that upgrade your Shooter
    • Unlockable secret levels
    • PLUS! Bonus levels to defeat
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