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            Are you searching for the best app to get the most complete and accurate weather forecast on your own device? Your research is over...keep on reading the description!

            • "Weather ...WOW!" speaks all the languages of the world!! The app is able to give information about the weather in all the places and in every language of the world, depending on your device settings.

            • Awesome GUI!

            "Weather ...WOW!" has an original and tidy interface! Easy and intuitive, the app gives you updated weather forecast through special animations! The whole GUI is animated and watching it is fun!

            • Choose all the towns you want!

            With "Weather ...WOW!" you can set up the list of our favourite town and browse the weather information belonging to them!

            • Updated weather forecast!

            "Weather ...WOW!" is able to get the latest weather forecast in your favourite towns, thanks to the best web techologies!

            • Latest news!

            In addition to the updated weather forecast, you can take a look at the latest news of your town! With "Weather ...WOW!" you can check weather forecast and latest news in the same interface!

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