• Android Spy Camera
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  • Version: 1.2.1
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  • Release time: 2012-03-19
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            Spy Camera for Android

            AndroSpyCam secretly takes pictures.

            This is a demo version. Buy AndroSpyCamKey application to remove the Demo mode message.

            Transparent preview, small preview or black screen.

            No flash and no shutter sound.

            Vibration when camera is ready.

            Vibration when a picture is recorded.

            Pictures and videos saved in sdcard\ASC.

            Commands to control the camera:

            - Single tap: Take a single picture.

            - Double tap: Start a continuous shoot.

            - Long press: Start/Stop a video.

            - Swipe or Volume keys: Switch preview type.

            - Menu key: Access to application settings.

            - Back or Home: Exit from the application.

Android Spy Camera Screenshots:

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