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            The wealth is calling and the idea of adventure is ready for action.

            There are endless treasure in the mysterious tomb.

            The one who can solve the ancient bejeweled deluxe will win the treasure.

            Here you will see wisdom,courage,chance and danger.Turn the gemstones gently and see what is waiting for you.The endless fear or surprising wealth?The way to gain the treasure is written in the ancient scroll and the one who can decode the seal will win the mysterious treasure.



            @Creative and funny rules will save you from the dull regular games.


            @Ada's Adventure includes 36 funny levels and step by step,there are 4 kinds of difficulties .


            @Afraid of taking adventure by yourself?Don't worry!The pretty and wise beauty Ada will join the game with you.




            1.Turn the chaotic gemstones as they are in the scroll. 


            2.The turning box will move with your fingers .


            3.Click the button and turn the gemstones in the eagle as you wish.

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